"I use Play Manager because it's the best."

Terry Daly
Daly's Law of Creative, Attacking Football
London, England


"I've been coaching competitive youth soccer for 14 years and Play Manager has replaced my 3' by 5' white board. It allows me to provide a visual demonstration of the movements expected from them during set plays (i.e. corner kicks, free kicks and throw-ins). In fact, Play Manager is given to all our players before the season starts as their official play book of set plays for the team. Further, it's a great tool for the distribution of practice drills. Players are given the practice drills via Play Manager and it's their responsibility to review them before an upcoming practice. This dramatically cuts down on explanation time and allows us to focus on conducting the drills during practices with minimal 'talk-time'."

John Freihaut
Head Coach, Oakville Soccer Girls U12
Oakville, Ontario


"Play Manager is rapidly becoming the leader in the Playbook animation market. Without question, it has "raised the bar" for products of its kind."

Nick Interdonato
President, CompuSports Inc.
Frederick, MD


"As a professional soccer coach and sport scientist Play Manager has helped me no end in designing coaching drills for my players and coaching staff. Play Manager has greatly improved the communication between my coaching staff in delivering new and inventive coaching practices. The E-chalk and animation features are excellent and the Internet Edition has allowed me to transfer practices to my coaching staff. I would recommend Play Manager to any coach who is looking for a great visual aid, that organises and helps design coaching ideas."

Mathew Bayliss
National Director Of Coaching, Structured Soccer UK
Regional Development Director, Watford Football Club


"Play Manager is a commercial-grade playbook management and presentation tool for soccer coaches. Using animation and printed playbooks, this tool greatly enhances a coach's ability to communicate with his team."

Mike Saif
World Class Coaching
Leawood, KS