"This is by far the greatest innovation since the vulcanized puck! I couldn't believe how easy it is to make plays! You really do not need to be computer-savvy at all to operate this software. The tutorials provide easy to learn step by step instructions. I love this program!"

Henry E. Moscicki
Notre Dame High School


"It's one of the best resources that coaches have to organize their training process. It is very efficient. Players can see everything with Playmanager. It's like having an Assistant coach."

Jorge Lopes
National Coaching Director
Portuguese Roller Hockey Federation (FPP)


"This software is fantastic. I have already become a better coach since the software forces you to think about exactly how you want the play to run. I expect to have a huge advantage over my competitors next year. "

Dr. Chris Higgins
London, Ontario


"Play Manager is an incredible breakthrough for hockey coaches everywhere. This is the one product on the market today that has the flexibility and tools necessary to be a real asset to a coach. It has a variety of features that make it useful but what truly sets your product apart is its play editing capability and to be more specific, E-Chalk. E-Chalk allows me to communicate a variety of ideas at the same time that I am presenting the mechanics of drills and set plays. I have had the opportunity to also use it to show my team their opponents setups and tendencies. Play Manager is an invaluable tool for any coach at any level. I look forward to more products from CT Technologies and the opportunity to interact with and share ideas with other users of Play Manager. Way to go CTT!!!"

Frank McKeon, Team Quest
Clifton Park, NY


"Boy am I impressed with Play Manager! For me Play Manager's strongest point is how you back up the program after the sale. I've emailed several questions and received answers or suggestions within 24 hours. Once you get started with Play Manager, it becomes addictive! It only took about an hour to become productive and start really making my own plays. It's a blast!"

Bill Grubb
Head Coach, Walkersville (MD) High


"Not only is Play Manager easy to use and informative, I also use it to put together a video playbook for our forward and defensive players. We use Play Manager to produce the video tapes for each of our players so they can review our systems during their off ice hours. It allows them to formulate good questions, and their positions on the ice during given game time situations become more instinctual -- You have a great training tool."

Bob Fersch Coach,
Indy Blues (Pee Wee)


"It offers a great way to identify drills to work on specific areas of the game. Also, it provides a great means to explain a drill to the players using the on screen features."

Daniel A Wiechec
Troy, MI


"As a coach and teacher of the game, I find Play Manager to be a valuable user friendly teaching tool. It allows me to visually diagram the timing of a drill, system, oppositions system etc. The players I have coached that have been exposed to the program tend to grasp the concepts quicker as it is difficult for them to see the timing when the drill is being mapped out on the board."

Rob Morgan,
Medicine Hat Minor Hockey


"Play Manager gives every coach the opportunity to become a more prepared teacher in hockey instruction. Allowing each coach to take thoughts, plays & drills and make them come alive is very powerful. I recommend Play Manager to coaches of all levels."

Dave Bauer
Bauer Hockey Academy Director


"The number of options and different ways that the program can be used is amazing. Play Manager is a very valuable tool."

Lisa Flanagan
T.C. Lewis Hockey Directors
Aerodrome Ice Skating Complexes
Houston, Texas