"It's simple. Football coaches who use Play Manager have a huge advantage over those who do not. Play Manager lets you show your players exactly what will take place on the football field. For example, I use it to create a simulation environment to train my quarterbacks. At first, we run the plays in slow motion. Then as they get more experienced, we speed them up to real time. This technique seems to generate the fastest learning curve possible."

Lyle Lansdell
Director, West Coast Passing School


"They say a picture is worth a thousand words - a lot of people are visual learners. The retention is much better when they can visually see it happening. Let's say Texas City runs Cover 4 (in the secondary). The kids call it up and look at it. It's virtual reality. It actually happens right in front of you. It shows how the quarterback throws, how guys run routes and how linemen block."

Jerry Campbell
Head Coach, Victoria Memorial Vipers
President, Jerry Campbell Sports


"Play Manager is rapidly becoming the leader in the Playbook animation market. Without question, it has "raised the bar" for products of its kind."

Nick Interdonato
President, Compusports Inc.


"Play Manager is awesome. It's exactly what i thought it would be and more. We have been taught as educators that students have many different learning styles. It's safe to assume that players do too. This is a great tool for those players who learn visually. It really gives them more of an idea as to what the whole idea of a specific play is."

Ryan Smith
North Platte, NE


"I have had a fantastic experience with Play Manager; it has really helped. My current record as a coach is 34-2 and Play manager has been very helpful in achieving this record."

Clay Speer
Alcott Head Football Coach & Athletic Director
Norman, OK